Harness the power of money to build future wealth

Defend against destructive financial advice

The Benefits

Investing is simple when you know the rules of the game

Avoid high fees & keep

more money in your pocket

Learn how to finance

life after football

We Help Players Take Control

Of Their Financial Future 

Avoid The Sharks

Learn The Game

Grow Your Money

Prevent bankruptcy or financial ruin

Help support family over

the long term


  • Goal Setting: Set a financial game plan

Personal Sessions

1-on-1 private coaching sessions that guide players down a clear path to mastering their personal finances

  • Build an automated savings system

  • Create a personalised action plan, (roadmap) to achieve financial targets

  • Learn how to spend your money efficiently

  • Strategies to repay or avoid major debt

  • Discover your net worth and future wealth projections based on current money habits

  • Learn how to invest your money safely by understanding your risk profile 

  • PFA and work placed pension demystified

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

What You'll Get


8 total sessions to fit around players commitments (recommend 1 per month) 


Sessions delivered in person or remotely via Zoom


Independent financial education from a qualified financial coach 


Personalised tools and resources during each session


Peace of mind to focus on football knowing your financial future is secure


Partners included at no extra cost

We Do:

Inspire players to understand the importance of financial literacy

Highlight the impact that financial education can have on their families lives 

Have a “get rich slowly” philosophy based on trusted money & investment principals 

Give players the tools to take immediate action to secure their financial futures 

We Do Not:

Manage, invest or touch players money, 
we teach them to manage their own

Advise players to buy specific products,
we explain the pros and cons of each

Offer a “get rich quick” method or any other version of snake oil advice

Try sell any additional products or services to academy players