We Help Clubs Protect Players

Financial Future 

Engage Young Players

Build Life Skills

Track Their Progress

Strengthen financial literacy among youth players

Safeguard players future while developing crucial life skills

Low risk investment with huge impact potential


USP for academies recruitment program

The Benefits

Train & educate players EARLY in

order to strengthen their financial IQ

No additional resources needed from the Club

Allow youth players to

focus on football 


A speaker series designed to improve players financial IQ, motivate them to take action and secure their financial future

Sample Of Topics Covered

  • Learn how to automate your savings

  • Align your spending to your values

  • Evaluate life's biggest financial decisions

  • Learn the difference between assets and liabilities

  • Goal Setting: Set a financial game plan

  • How anyone can be a millionaire via pensions

  • Investing 101: Learn to make your money work for you

In-Person 4 Part Speaker Series

What You'll Get


Each session delivered at the academy



  • Create a personalised action plan, (roadmap) to achieve financial goals

Each session lasting 1 hour with Q&A

Personalised financial roapmap for each player which is trackable


Open to U18, U23 academy players


Interactive sessions including case studies, group exercises and custom tools


Optional 1-1 coaching opportunities post series

We Do:

Inspire players to understand the importance of financial literacy

Highlight the impact that financial education can have on their families lives 

Have a “get rich slowly” philosophy based on trusted money & investment principals 

Give players the tools to take immediate action to secure their financial futures 

We Do Not:

Manage, invest or touch players money, 
we teach them to manage their own

Advise players to buy specific products,
we explain the pros and cons of each

Offer a “get rich quick” method or any other version of snake oil advice

Try sell any additional products or services to academy players