Helping Players Harness The Power Of Money To Build Their Best Life

Master Your Money 

Build Your Wealth

Protect Your Future

Level up your

financial IQ

Build a financial game plan 

Put your money

to work 


We Work With Clubs

Does your current financial

curriculum feel outdated?

Is it hard to engage players around their finances? 

Are players lacking a personalised action plan?

Do you have an issue 

tracking players progress?

We Work With Players

Do you struggle organising

your finances?

Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

Is it hard to find the right person to trust? 

Do you want to learn how to grow your wealth?

Our Approach

EDUCATE players on the rules of the financial game,

so they can play successfully & WIN!


the financial literacy gap in the traditional education system


boring teaching methods with a refreshing coaching style aimed at youth


a modern financial literacy program in person and online


A speaker series designed to improve players financial IQ, motivate them to take action and secure their financial future

Sample Of Topics Covered

  • Learn how to automate your savings

  • Align your spending to your values

  • Evaluate life's biggest financial decisions

  • Learn the difference between assets and liabilities

  • Goal Setting: Set a financial game plan

  • How anyone can be a millionaire via pensions

  • Investing 101: Learn to make your money work for you

In-Person 4 Part Speaker Series

What You'll Get


Each session delivered at the academy



  • Create a personalised action plan, (roadmap) to achieve financial goals

Each session lasting 1 hour with Q&A

Personalised financial roapmap for each player which is trackable


Open to U18, U23 academy players


Interactive sessions including case studies, group exercises and custom tools


Optional 1-1 coaching opportunities post series


  • Goal Setting: Set a financial game plan

Personal Sessions

1-on-1 private coaching sessions that guide players down a clear path to mastering their personal finances

  • Build an automated savings system

  • Create a personalised action plan, (roadmap) to achieve financial targets

  • Learn how to spend your money efficiently

  • Strategies to repay or avoid major debt

  • Discover your net worth and future wealth projections based on current money habits

  • Learn how to invest your money safely by understanding your risk profile 

  • PFA and work placed pension demystified

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

What You'll Get


8 total sessions to fit around players commitments (recommend 1 per month) 


Sessions delivered in person or remotely via Zoom


Independent financial education from a qualified financial coach 


Personalised tools and resources during each session


Peace of mind to focus on football knowing your financial future is secure


Partners included at no extra cost